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Designed by Steve Forrest from Hills & Forrest International Golf Course Architects. The vision for Noria was to create a traditional Moroccan village that celebrated the architecture and landscapes of The South of Morocco. These landscapes include mountains, fields, desert, oasis, orchards, villages and palaces. The legend of Isli and Tislit, Morocco’s version of Romeo and Juliet, also became part of the marketing story. Therefore, the golf course design incorporates these various elements into the overall plan. There are three primary zones—1) the olive orchards and lavender fields on holes 1 through 7, 2) the desert on holes 11 through 13, and 3) the formal pools and architecture found along the central axis that runs north from the clubhouse. The two lovers, Isli and Tislet, represented by the lake on hole 14 and a basin in the Village of Isli to the north, are forever linked by a water feature on hole 15.

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